Thursday, December 13, 2012


Today, I decided to go casual. Haha. But of course, I still want something different. That is why I wore this green, black, and white animal print top! What is unique with this is that it has cut-out peek-a-boo shoulders. Cool. :)

Thank you to Luscious Closet for this top! :) I really love the clothes by LC. Kasi this brand is really unique and I love the designs. Moreover, it is owned by the cousin of my friend. I always look forward to their new collections! :)

To keep the look casual, I paired the top with my denim shorts. Not too short shorts. Haha. It's against the DLSU dress code eh. Haha. I also wore a brown woven belt to add an earthy touch to my look. :) Plus I added a simple necklace also in green, but in a neon shade for a more interesting effect. :)

I can't leave the house without wearing a watch, really. I hate it not knowing what time it is. Haha. I wore this alabaster wrist watch from SLAP, a gift to me from my Auntie :)

HAHAHA. Goofing around while taking outfit shots. :) So hyper. Haha. Ironic because I have my finals exam in Microeconomics 1, a major subject for my course! Aja! I can survive it! :) Second to the last day before my Christmas Break officially begins! :)

Candid! Love this shot! :) Thanks to my photographer! :)

GO LA SALLE! :))))

shoulder peep top from Luscious Closet, denim shorts and brown woven belt both from SM Dept Store, neon green dog tag necklace from Me accessories, wedge sandals from CLN, alabaster watch from SLAP

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