Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today, I just came home to Batangas from Manila. Yes! I'm finally back home! How I missed Batangas and my whole family! :) I just came back in time because today, it's my Inay's 66th Birthday! We had lunch at Casa Rap.
Casa Rap is a slow food cafe nestled in the woods of San Jose Batangas. It is really a very nature-loving cafe since the restaurant is really situated in a garden, more like the woods! Haha. But I really love it here. The trees keeps the place really cool even in the noon time. I missed being with the trees because there were little or no trees in Manila!

The tables and chairs in the cafe are all made of wood! And there are plants everywhere! There were also aquariums and ponds. So nature lovin'! :)

Look at their handwashing station! 

And also their water dispenser! Nature talaga! :)

Meet my Inay Linda :) I love her so much. Sabi nila ako daw favorite na apo eh. Hahaha. She took care of me when I was young since both my Mama and Papa were working that time. :) She's a fish vendor in the wet market. And know what? If I have the time, I help her in selling the fish! Really :))

Happy happy birthday, Inay! I love you! <3

Meet my ever pretty Mama :))) and my Papa on the side :)) 

Meet all my cousins on my father's side :) CJ, Yna, and Byron. :) And that's my brother on the rightmost side wearing a black shirt. :)

I love my familyyyyy! :))) I missed them sooo much! >:D<

Meet my very pretty cousin, CJ. :)) Grabe. She's so thin! I wish I can be like her! And she's actually 5 years younger than me! But we really get along well with each other, especially when it comes to shoes and clothes! :)

Now to my outfit post for todaaaaay! :) Since it was a birthday dinner, I wanted to look presentable but not too dress-y. So, I just wore this black and white top with collar and tucked it in my trust-y jeans and wore my ribbon belt. And then I donned my white wedge sandals. :) I got my black and silver ribbon belt from SM Dept. Store :)

White and black top from Bangkok Exchange :)

White platform wedges from Celine :)

Guess wristwatch 

Jeans from Bench  and silver earrings from Me accessories :)
Had so much fun today! Ate a looot! But its okay because all the food were healthy food so no worries! Hahaha. :))) Again, happy birthday, Inaay! <3

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