Thursday, December 13, 2012


December 11, 2012
Super happy day today! A day of celebration! Hahaha. That is why I decided to wear something colorful. Something that expresses how I feel inside, happy and gay! :))

I finally decided to wear this mullet skirt! I bought this months ago, I think last summer. But my mother told me that it was too striking. Well, it is! That is why I liked it and bought it in the first place! Haha. What do you think?

I know that wearing this to school will earn a lot of weird stares from people. Haha. But its okay. I'm happy about it. And what's more? I got a lot of compliments from my friends! They say I look so colorful and summer-y! Haha. Just what I wanted to envoke today :)) 

Super feel na feel ko posing at the Yuchengco steps! I love how my skirt cascades down. Haha. Credits to Nicolas Tan for being my photographer. Hihihi. :))

pink top and neon green belt from Robinsons Department Store, mullet skirt from Trendz, silver ballet flats from Fancy Flats

And what makes today more speciaaal??? It is my parents' birthday! Yup! My mom and my dad both celebrate their birthday on the same day! :)) Only they were born exactly one year apart! Happy happy birthday, Mama and Papa! Hope I was there at home to give you my hugs and kisses! I love you both so muuuuch! <3

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