Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Today, I really had no idea what to wear! Haha. Naka-ilang outfit changes ako this morning. :)) Finally, I was able to come up with this outfit that I liked. :) I decided to match burgundy lace with purple geometric prints. :)

I got this burgundy lace tank top from Luscious Closet. :) I have this top in black and cream. :) They're really nice lace tops. The fabric is so durable yet so prim, proper, and dainty. :)

Black rhinestone watch from GUESS, a gift from my Inay. :)

Fashion is all about creativity! This pearl necklace is actually a headband! I just wore it around my neck, hindi naman halata diba? :)) I wore these pearls to add to the daintiness of the lace top. :)

I also wore my trusty black flats. It also has lace on it! :))

Purple geometric print skirt from SM Department Store :)


Nics' outfit today is inspired by Gryfindor! :)) Look at the black, gold, and red colors. :)) Plus the vest! :)

Puti mo. :P

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Today, I decided to try something out. I wore something print on print! They say that if you wear a printed clothing, you should wear it with plain counterparts. But this ensemble proves that wearing print on print isn't that bad! :) 

I got this yellow polka-dotted sheer polo and this black and white bandage skirt both from Bedazzle. Yes! Bedazzle is not just about accessories, they also have trendy clothing! :)) Visit their store at the 3rd Floor University Mall, beside DLSU! :)) 
Red watch from GUESS.

Orange wedges from Shoebox. (forgive the man legs!)

Love my hair hereee. :)) It's so long already but I like it! :) Sabi nila mukha daw akong singkit?? REALLY? hahaha :)) 

Look at DLSU! Parang walang tao. Super himala. hahaha. :))

Don't be afraid to experiment and try on new trends. After all, it's just all about the confidence and how you carry yourself. Most importantly, SMILE! :))

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Today, we decided to try shooting inside the Henry Sy Sr. Hall itself. However, it would not work because of the dim lighting. Pics become blurry. Haha. :))

Today, I decided to wear all new clothes and everything else from head to foot! I bought all these last Christmas season from the money I got as gifts :))

I got this lovely dark blue knitted top with a very adorable ribbon at the side, from Kashieca. I also got my sierra-colored pants also from Kashieca. :)) I love how the dark and pastel colors combine together to form an over-all sweet and preppy look for me that day. :)

To keep things preppy and comfortable, I wore my new silver glitter flats from Payless Shoesource. :)

I also used my new satchel bag from Bangkok. :)) I love the mauve color, although the bag is kinda heavy. Hehehe. :)) Silver watch from GUESS. 

With my awesome photographer, Nics. :)) I'm so small. Haha. That is why I like wearing wedges. Haha. Para naman I don't look so small when I'm with you. :))

Sweet. Preppy. Comfy. :))

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Emotera :) For my outfit today, I wore this new knit top I got from Bayo. Actually, this top is two sizes way too big for me. However, I still decided to buy it because I liked the shade it has a subtle glitter and shine to it. Moreover, I wanted to wear one side off-shoulder. :) And so I did! :)

Love this shot! :) I paired my top with denim jeans from RRJ :) And I wore my orange wedges from Shoebox.

Chilling at the Henry Sy Hall lawn :)

To give my top shape since it was too big for me, I decided to cinch my waist with a thin silver belt from SM Department Store. I also accessorized with this rhinestone necklace from Bedazzle. :)

Bronze anchor earrings from China. :)

 Love my hairrrrr. :)) Palmolive Naturals for my hair. Hihihi. :))

I love the effect of the belt. It doesn't seem that my top is too big for me. But when you remove the belt, I swear a look like a scarecrow. :))

I look tall here, don't I? :))

Henry Sy Sr. Hall again in my background! Animo La Salle! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today, I decided to make a bold statement by wearing SUNBURST ORANGE :) I already wore pink yesterday, which I think was sweet. But now, I think that wearing orange means boldness and confidence.

I built my outfit around these new babies! I got these orange polka-dotted wedge sandals in a bazaar in Batangas City. :)) They were really a stand out and I wanted them immediately!

Aren't they lovely? :))

And what's really good is that I have a top in the same shade of orange and also with black polka-dots as my shoes! So, I was really excited to wear them together. :)) A lot of people complimented me and told me that its nice that my top and my shoes were matching! 

I got this chiffon orange and black button down top from a store in U-Mall. :)

Then I paired it with my black 3 tiered skirt to match the polka dots in my top. I got this skirt from Robinsons Manila. :)

Silver flower pendant choker from China :)

Silver watch from GUESS and bronze bangles from bazaar :)

Haha. I love this shot! Nics took a picture of me while I'm bot yet ready and still fixing my hair. I look so mataray. :))

This one too! So candid! :)) 

Hahaha. I act like a kid sometimes :)) I'm not all work and study as some people may think. :)

I also brought my orange bag from Longchamp to match! :)

I love how my color stands out from the background! Hahaha. Galing pumili ng photographer ko ng place to shoot eh. Hahaha. Ikaw na ang expert! :P

You are the sunshine of my life. :))

Ano naman kayang pose yan?? HAHAHA. :))

DLSU jacket :)) Malamig daw kasi eh! :)) 

HAHAHA. :)) Nagpaka-vain naman kami together. :))