Saturday, January 12, 2013

Candy Bubblegum Sweetness :))

I feel extra sweet and cheerful last January 11, 2013. That is why, I decided to wear a very colorful and bright outfit that reflects what I feel! :))

I mixed green this green top with my pomelo electric pleated skirt. I find the combination of both colors very pleasing to the eye, looks cool. :) Both this green brush top and pomelo skirt are from Luscious Closet! It seems I really have a lot of clothes from LC. :)) Pwede na akong model. Hahaha. :))

To balance out the color, I wore my trusty black flats which also match the black design in my green top. :)
Korean-brand black flats from thrift store in U-Mall.

Emotera shots. :) Love it! :))

Silver watch from GUESS. Colorful bracelets from Bedazzle! I got all three in one set and for a reasonable price! :) Get your arm candy now! Bedazzle is located at the 3rd Floor University Mall beside DLSU. :) 

Super love these green chandelier earrings! These lovely babies are also from Bedazzle! :) Visit them now for really trendy but affordable pieces! :)

It looks like I have already influenced my photographer! Haha. Kasi he also is into fashion right now! I really love his outfit that is why I want to blog about it too! It will be a waste if he stays just behind the camera. :)

Love the watch. :))

Loafers from PEDRO Shoes. I helped him buy these! Yippee! They suit you well, Nics! :)

checkered polo. black belt. :)

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