Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Today, I wore my new pink dress from Bayo which I got for 50% off on a sale just very recently! I made it the focal point of my outfit. Since its my favorite-est color of all, I decided to also bring my pink bag with me. Coincidentally, my envelope was also pink, all in the same shades! :) So today, a LOT of people had been saying "Patty, ang pink pink mo naman!" Hahaha. And also, they told me I was like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, hence the title of this post. :)

Bracelets from Bedazzle. :))

Pink bag, a gift from my Mommy Nancy :)

White wedge sandals from CELINE :)

Goofing around while chilling on the green grass in DLSU! One of the few areas of green in school! Haha. :)

I look tall here! hahaha. :))

I bleed green! ANIMO LASALLE! Proud Lasallian here! :))
Posing in front of the new Henry Sy Building! :)

Love my hair hereee. :)) 
Necklace also from Bedazzle and white watch from SLAP. :)

We were matching again today! He wore a pink polo. We never talk about what color we wear, really. Hahaha. It just happens. :) He's actually sick today, but thank you for still taking my outfit shots today. :)

Loafers from Sperry Topsiders

Model. :))) Hihihi. :))

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