Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today, I decided to make a bold statement by wearing SUNBURST ORANGE :) I already wore pink yesterday, which I think was sweet. But now, I think that wearing orange means boldness and confidence.

I built my outfit around these new babies! I got these orange polka-dotted wedge sandals in a bazaar in Batangas City. :)) They were really a stand out and I wanted them immediately!

Aren't they lovely? :))

And what's really good is that I have a top in the same shade of orange and also with black polka-dots as my shoes! So, I was really excited to wear them together. :)) A lot of people complimented me and told me that its nice that my top and my shoes were matching! 

I got this chiffon orange and black button down top from a store in U-Mall. :)

Then I paired it with my black 3 tiered skirt to match the polka dots in my top. I got this skirt from Robinsons Manila. :)

Silver flower pendant choker from China :)

Silver watch from GUESS and bronze bangles from bazaar :)

Haha. I love this shot! Nics took a picture of me while I'm bot yet ready and still fixing my hair. I look so mataray. :))

This one too! So candid! :)) 

Hahaha. I act like a kid sometimes :)) I'm not all work and study as some people may think. :)

I also brought my orange bag from Longchamp to match! :)

I love how my color stands out from the background! Hahaha. Galing pumili ng photographer ko ng place to shoot eh. Hahaha. Ikaw na ang expert! :P

You are the sunshine of my life. :))

Ano naman kayang pose yan?? HAHAHA. :))

DLSU jacket :)) Malamig daw kasi eh! :)) 

HAHAHA. :)) Nagpaka-vain naman kami together. :)) 

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