Thursday, March 21, 2013

Skater Girl :))

Skater skirts are the newest trends! This is my first try of the skater skirt craze :) 
My color palette today is pink and purple! Two of my most favorite colors! Yey. :)

In keeping up with the colors of the outfit, I accessorized with this pink and purple fabric necklace from Bedazzle! I chose this super chunky and big necklace to serve as the focal point of the outfit since I'm wearing very simple top and skirt. :)

Pink top with ruched sleeves from Kamiseta

Purple skater skirt also from Bedazzle! :)

White G-shock watch from Casio.
Arm candy bracelets also from Bedazzle! :)

Silver glitter flats from Payless Shoesource

I love the flowy skirt!!! :)) It's like super fun to twirl around wearing this! :)

Love your sky blue shirt today, Nics! :)

And also these blue suede shoes from Pedro. :)

We're matchy-matchy pastel colors today! :))

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Today, I was feeling playful so I decided to go for a look that will evoke a youthful and young aura. Thus, I decided to wear a lot of colors and shorts. :)

To create a contrast between my playful clothes, I decided to wear heels to add some touch of glamour to my otherwise very casual outfit. But still, I wore my heels in an orange color, to match the colorful mood. :)

This pose. Hahaha. I learned that doing this pose will elongate your body and create an illusion of a slimmer you! Did it work? What do you think? Hahaha. :))

Orange chunky heels from Charles and Keith 

Colorful summer bag from Nine West

A dream come true for me to have a Nine West bag! Thanks a lot Steph for this gift! :))

To add more youthfulness, I decided to wear a ribbon headband in blue, which goes well with the colors of my top. :)

Ribbon headband from China

The keypiece in my my outfit today is this top I got from Luscious Closet
I love the colors because they're very playful, striking, yet put-together. :)

White watch from Casio G-shock

Denim striped culottes with ribbon from Seventeen by Cinderella

Thanks again for always being ready to take my pictures! Hahaha. :))

Monday, March 11, 2013


Today, is a special day. :)) But I really was not prepared for today's outfit. I just decided to dress up on the spot. And thinking for this outfit almost made me late for my first class! Hahahaha. :)) But its okay, the ensemble turned out very well. At least for me, though! :))

I took the initial inspiration of my outfit from my new top! This emerald green sheer top is from Bottomline, and a gift from Janel! Thanks so much Janel! :) 
For the first time, I decided to try out something in monochome. I mixed different shades of green together with different cloths and textures for more interesting effects. :)

Then, to add some more "umph" to my oufit, I incorporared gold and brown accents everywhere. :)

The top has gold collar tips! Yippee! :))
Gold necklace from Forever 21. 

Gold bangle set from Accessorize. 
Gold and brown watch from ALDO Accessories.

Velvet skirt from Luscious Closet.
Brown and gold waist belt from Tomato.

Sapphire sandals from Grendha. :)
So comfy really! :)

NEW HAIR! Hahaha. Didn't you notice the bangs? Hehehe. :))
A lot of people said na bangs suit me. Watcha think?

I love this wall! Super timing ng pagka-spot namin dito. :))
Keeps up with monochrome green theme! :))

Goofing around :))

HAPPY!!!! :))))