Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Today, I was feeling playful so I decided to go for a look that will evoke a youthful and young aura. Thus, I decided to wear a lot of colors and shorts. :)

To create a contrast between my playful clothes, I decided to wear heels to add some touch of glamour to my otherwise very casual outfit. But still, I wore my heels in an orange color, to match the colorful mood. :)

This pose. Hahaha. I learned that doing this pose will elongate your body and create an illusion of a slimmer you! Did it work? What do you think? Hahaha. :))

Orange chunky heels from Charles and Keith 

Colorful summer bag from Nine West

A dream come true for me to have a Nine West bag! Thanks a lot Steph for this gift! :))

To add more youthfulness, I decided to wear a ribbon headband in blue, which goes well with the colors of my top. :)

Ribbon headband from China

The keypiece in my my outfit today is this top I got from Luscious Closet
I love the colors because they're very playful, striking, yet put-together. :)

White watch from Casio G-shock

Denim striped culottes with ribbon from Seventeen by Cinderella

Thanks again for always being ready to take my pictures! Hahaha. :))

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