Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 9: Plaid and Black

Today I took my cue from Camille Co's look :)
plaid longsleeve top +  black skater skirt :)

Here's what I wore today! :)

brown plaid longsleeves from Terranova :)

black skater skirt from Yohana

It was raining today so  I had to wear my waterproof Melissa bow flats :)

green DLSU hoodie from Animo Nation :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 8: Comfort in Green

Today, I used this look by Kryz Uy (again! :) ) as my inspiration :) 
Just spell comfort! sleeveless top + comfy floral print trousers + comfy sandals 

Here's what I wore today! :) 
Don't you just love the print of my pants? This is my favorite-est pants! :)) Aside from the lovely print, wearing them is like wearing pajamas :)
My floral printed pants are from SM GTW 

green sleeveless top with gold collar tips from Bottomline

gold necklace from Forever 21

also wearing my favorite bejeweled sandals from Grendha! These are the comfiest sandals I know :)

gold watch cuff from XOXO, a gift

Again, let us all continue to pray for our fellow countrymen and help in any way we can! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 7: Feeling Summer

Today, I was very glad that there are no more rains that are looming over the Philippines. Please, let us continue to pray for all the Filipinos who are gravely affected by all the calamities that ravaged the country. The Filipino spirit is indomitable and resilient, we can rise through this eventually, with each others' help and support. :)
To take advantage of the good weather today, I decided to take my outfit cue from Kryz Uy again :D 
Breezy printed summer dress + dainty summer sandals + necklace

Here's what I wore today :) Nothing screams summer more than floral prints in citrus and happy colors! :)

Look at how pretty and refreshing the print of my dress is! :) 
I got this dress from Seventeen at 50% off! :) 

To complement my dress, I wore this multicolored flower necklace I got from my trip to China :)

Anchor earrings from Bedazzle :)

Aren't my shoes lovely? Hihihi. The first time I saw these babies, I loved them immediately!
I just love how the color really pops! And I also got these from CLN at 50% off! Yehey for good bargains! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 6: Denim Wash

Time for the 6th day of the 30 Day Blogger Challenge! This is a late post. Haha. I wore this to school last Thursday, November 7. 

Last Thursday, I decided to mimick Kryz Uy's denim on denim look :) 
This look is really a classic and really looks refreshing. Fuss-free and simple, yet stunning in its own way.

Here's my version :) Denim tie top + denim jeans :)

Denim floral tie top from bazaar, denim jeans from Penshoppe

black ballet flats from Parisian :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 5: Corporate Appropriate

It is now time for the 30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 5! Today, we had a reporting in taxation class so I had to wear something appropriate for reporting, meaning corporate clothing. However, I realized that I did not bring with me my corporate clothes here in Manila and left them in Batangas. But never panic! I just had to be creative! :) 

The look I went for today was patterned after Ashley Dy's post :) She's wearing a printed dress under her cobalt blue blazer :)

And now here's my look for today! Good thing I had brought with me my cobalt blue band blazer :) I really love how blazers really can change the mood of the entire look. :) Underneath I'm wearing an animal printed dress that is far from corporate looking, but adding the blazer makes it appropriate for work already!

Love how striking the color of my blazer is! :)
My blazer is from K2.

Underneath, I am wearing an animal printed pink and black dress from Tomato :)

Then I wore my orange wedges from CLN :)

Anchor earrings from Bedazzle accessories and wristwatch from GUESS

And here's what Nic's wore today! :))

red polo, black slacks, black shoes, and black belt :)

Model lang ng bag ang peg? Hehe :) Bodybag from McJim Leather goods :)
I am proud to say that I helped in choosing that bag! Really looks good on him right? :)

Mukhang executive? or prof? :))

I am really lucky to have you kasi we both have a taste and knack for clothing and fashion :)) 
Thank you for always being my photographer and for also posing with meeee :)