Wednesday, November 6, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 5: Corporate Appropriate

It is now time for the 30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 5! Today, we had a reporting in taxation class so I had to wear something appropriate for reporting, meaning corporate clothing. However, I realized that I did not bring with me my corporate clothes here in Manila and left them in Batangas. But never panic! I just had to be creative! :) 

The look I went for today was patterned after Ashley Dy's post :) She's wearing a printed dress under her cobalt blue blazer :)

And now here's my look for today! Good thing I had brought with me my cobalt blue band blazer :) I really love how blazers really can change the mood of the entire look. :) Underneath I'm wearing an animal printed dress that is far from corporate looking, but adding the blazer makes it appropriate for work already!

Love how striking the color of my blazer is! :)
My blazer is from K2.

Underneath, I am wearing an animal printed pink and black dress from Tomato :)

Then I wore my orange wedges from CLN :)

Anchor earrings from Bedazzle accessories and wristwatch from GUESS

And here's what Nic's wore today! :))

red polo, black slacks, black shoes, and black belt :)

Model lang ng bag ang peg? Hehe :) Bodybag from McJim Leather goods :)
I am proud to say that I helped in choosing that bag! Really looks good on him right? :)

Mukhang executive? or prof? :))

I am really lucky to have you kasi we both have a taste and knack for clothing and fashion :)) 
Thank you for always being my photographer and for also posing with meeee :)

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