Wednesday, December 25, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 18: Abstract Christmas :)

Merry Christmas to everyone! :) And a very prosperous new year! :)
For my Christmas Day outfit, I got my cue from Camille Co's outfit :) 
When I first saw this top on her, I loved it instantly! Good thing I was able to find the store and I ordered one! :) And one more good thing, the owner of the store is a friend of my boyfriend and a fellow Lasallian! Yipee :)) This multicolored abstract top is from Fantasia

Finding the right pieces to pair with a busy top like this is somehow very tricky. The key technique is to choose colors which can already be found on the top :) I chose the color red :) I paired the top with my new red skater skirt :) Skater skirt from bazaar 

And I chose to add black accessories such as this black wedges from Crocs :)

And I topped it off with this black fedora from Terranova :)

Bag from XOXO

To complement the colors of my top, I used this multicolored piano keys necklace I got from Bedazzle :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 17: Regal Sailor

For today, I took my cue from Camille Co's outfit! :)

And here's my version of the outfit! I wore this to today's church service and church Christmas party :)

Instead of wearing longsleeves top, I decided to wear a sleeveless top to tone down the outfit. But of course, it still has to come in the same color red! :)
Red sleeveless top from The Runway! :)

I paired it with this white and navy blue striped midi skirt! :)
Right now, midi skirts are really mainstream. However, I try to keep it unique by wearing midi skirts in prints and stripes. :) I also cinched my waist with this classic black belt to add more drama and emphasis. 
Midi skirt from Bangkok Exchange :)

Yellow shoulder bag from XOXO

This red swarovski crystal drop earrings are from Alfredulla :)

Since I'm wearing a midi skirt and I lack height, I need to wear wedges to enhance my height :) And wearing shoes in nude colors creates the illusion of longer legs :)
Wedges from CMG :)

With the colors red, white, and navy blue, I feel like a sailor! :)
In this case, a very fashyown and regal sailor! :))

Loving the effect of the wind on my skirt! :)

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 16: Sweater Weather

Since it's December, it's sweater weather again! :) For today's post, I decided to take my cue from 
Miss Kryz Uy :) Sweater + circle skirt! :)

And here's what I wore a few days back :) 
It was cold in the morning but it went really hot and humid and the afternoon! Grrr. Haha. But I really loved the sweater I wore here. :) The floral patterns really are so me! :)

This white floral garden sweater from Luscious Closet :)

And I paired it with this textured velvet emerald green full circle skirt also from Luscious Closet! :)

And I paired it with my very comfortable black Crocs wedges :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 15: Feeling Like A Kid

I'm now resuming the 30 Day Challenge. :) It has been a rough week for me. Full of school work and studying for my final exams. No sleep for the past few days! But I still blog because this is my therapy. :)
For today's look, I got inspiration from both Kryz Uy and Camille Co's looks. 
What is the key piece? JUMPERS :) 

And here's my version of the look. A pink floral jumper is the key piece of the outfit today. I felt so youthful while wearing this jumper. It has been a reaaaaally long time ever since I last wore a jumper, which was like back when I was five years old. Haha. My mom even asked me if won't I look like kid if I wore this! Haha. Well, maybe that's exactly the point :)

I topped off my look with this gray fedora hat for something new. :)
Anchor earrings from Bedazzle :)

This pink floral jumper is again from Luscious Closet :)

Red crop top worn underneath from Yohana :)
Red glitter heart necklace from bazaar

And my overused CLN orange wedges! :)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sophisticated Leopard

Today, I decided to again deviate from the 30 Day Blogger Challenge. Haha. Sometimes, looking for a perfect outfit patterned after bloggers' outfits are very exhausting. Haha. So, today I decided to go for a simple yet sophisticated look. :)

 My look was built upon a color scheme made up of black, brown, and gold. 
And I decided to choose classic cuts of clothes like this sleeveless button down chiffon top and the ever famous skater skirt. 

The color scheme helped very much in creating a polished and very put-together look.

Black sleeveless button down chiffon top only from The Runway!
Please check out this store for very chic and trendy clothing and bags at very affordable prices :)

Just look at the pretty butterflies embroidered on my top :) Love it :)

The gold part of the color scheme is mainly incorporated in the accessories that I chose. 
Gold plated necklace from Forever 21 :)
And look, the buttons in my blouse are in the same gold color! Again, my love for the smallest tiniest details always shows, even in my outfits. :)

Even my watch and my bangles come in the same gold and brown shade :)
Watch from ALDO Accessories, gold bangles from Accessorize

When I first saw this skater skirt, I instantly fell in love with it!
Skater skirts are very mainstream already, yes. But I still do love them. I believe that skater skirts are the best cut of skirt that can flatter my body type. That is why I really invest in them! 
To differentiate myself from others, I try to look for skater skirts with one of a kind prints like these leopard print ones! :) Lovely :)
Leopard skater skirt from Yohana :)

Of course, my shoes also need to match the color scheme! :)
And the pointy-ness of these flats added to the over-all sophistication of the entire look.
Black and beige pointed flats from CMG

Thursday, December 12, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 14: Citrus

For today's look, Camille Co is my inspiration AGAIN. Haha. This past few blog posts she's been my inspiration because I really adore her and her style :)
Today's fashion formula: orange top + green pants + white shoes + gold necklace :)

Here's my version of the look :D
I just love how these citrus colors remind me of summer. 
Mint green pants from Forme :)

Orange top from Bedazzle :)

gold necklace from Forever 21, camel belt from SM Accessories

Silver glitter flats from Payless