Tuesday, December 10, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 11: Printed Mullet and Vest

For yesterday's ootd, I decided to channel this look from Camille Co. 
A denim vest + a printed mullet skirt + flats in the same color as the skirt! :)

Here's my version of the look! :)
Don't you just love how the background fits my entire look? Hehe.
And the colors of my whole outfit all match! The blue of the denim vest can be found on the ombre skirt and both green and blue are also found in my sandals :)

I love the feel of wearing mullet skirts. 
Felt like twirling all day :)

Denim vest from The Runway
Please visit and like this online store for very trendy yet affordable clothes and bags!

Zigzag print mullet skirt from Luscious Closet :)

Bejewelled sandals from Grendha :)

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