Wednesday, December 11, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 13: Serene in Blue

For today, I wanted to take my outfit cue from Camille Co's peplum romper outfit :)

Here's my version of the look! :) While Camille Co's look was monochromatic beige, my outfit was mostly blue! So I added a white blazer to break the blue-ness of the whole outfit :)
Ooops. Looks like I'm wearing the colors of DLSU's rival school today. Haha. Not intentional :)

The look became more polished and classy with this white blazer from The Runway!
Please visit this store for very fashionable and affordable fashion finds :)

When I first saw this peplum romper, I instantly fell in love with it! What's more? I got this at 50% off from Kamiseta :) I love rompers because they're like dresses, just a more comfortable version. :)
Silver belt from SM Accessories

Blue strappy flats from CLN