Monday, December 16, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 15: Feeling Like A Kid

I'm now resuming the 30 Day Challenge. :) It has been a rough week for me. Full of school work and studying for my final exams. No sleep for the past few days! But I still blog because this is my therapy. :)
For today's look, I got inspiration from both Kryz Uy and Camille Co's looks. 
What is the key piece? JUMPERS :) 

And here's my version of the look. A pink floral jumper is the key piece of the outfit today. I felt so youthful while wearing this jumper. It has been a reaaaaally long time ever since I last wore a jumper, which was like back when I was five years old. Haha. My mom even asked me if won't I look like kid if I wore this! Haha. Well, maybe that's exactly the point :)

I topped off my look with this gray fedora hat for something new. :)
Anchor earrings from Bedazzle :)

This pink floral jumper is again from Luscious Closet :)

Red crop top worn underneath from Yohana :)
Red glitter heart necklace from bazaar

And my overused CLN orange wedges! :)

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