Sunday, December 22, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 16: Sweater Weather

Since it's December, it's sweater weather again! :) For today's post, I decided to take my cue from 
Miss Kryz Uy :) Sweater + circle skirt! :)

And here's what I wore a few days back :) 
It was cold in the morning but it went really hot and humid and the afternoon! Grrr. Haha. But I really loved the sweater I wore here. :) The floral patterns really are so me! :)

This white floral garden sweater from Luscious Closet :)

And I paired it with this textured velvet emerald green full circle skirt also from Luscious Closet! :)

And I paired it with my very comfortable black Crocs wedges :)

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