Sunday, December 22, 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 17: Regal Sailor

For today, I took my cue from Camille Co's outfit! :)

And here's my version of the outfit! I wore this to today's church service and church Christmas party :)

Instead of wearing longsleeves top, I decided to wear a sleeveless top to tone down the outfit. But of course, it still has to come in the same color red! :)
Red sleeveless top from The Runway! :)

I paired it with this white and navy blue striped midi skirt! :)
Right now, midi skirts are really mainstream. However, I try to keep it unique by wearing midi skirts in prints and stripes. :) I also cinched my waist with this classic black belt to add more drama and emphasis. 
Midi skirt from Bangkok Exchange :)

Yellow shoulder bag from XOXO

This red swarovski crystal drop earrings are from Alfredulla :)

Since I'm wearing a midi skirt and I lack height, I need to wear wedges to enhance my height :) And wearing shoes in nude colors creates the illusion of longer legs :)
Wedges from CMG :)

With the colors red, white, and navy blue, I feel like a sailor! :)
In this case, a very fashyown and regal sailor! :))

Loving the effect of the wind on my skirt! :)

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