Wednesday, January 15, 2014

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 20: Not So Boring After All

My personal style have always been girly, sweet, and I have a penchant for bright and fun colored clothing. Thus, I really dislike wearing neutral blacks and whites. I rarely have these colors in my closet. I only wear black during parties, my LBD. However, I have always equated black to being fierce and tough, which is a contrast to my sweet style. Also, I find black and white boring. Haha. Sorry for black and white lovers, but I really do find them boring. Or so I thought! 
After I saw Camille Co's black and white outfit post, I wanted to try something similar to this! The fun prints in the top and skirt negated the boring factor and added interesting details to this ensemble.

Here's my version of Camille Co's look and a first serious take on trying out the black and white outfit. What do you think? :)

I particularly bought my top and skirt for this purpose! Haha. I wanted to wear black and white pieces in interesting prints. I was lucky enough to find them! And to pull the whole outfit together, I donned my black jacket which I got from Bayo. 

I also wore this long silver necklace with butterfly pendant to add a little sparkle to the outfit.

Black and white striped crop top from bazaar :)

Black and white zebra print skater skirt from Yohana :)

Of course, my shoes would also have to go with the color scheme :) So I wore my overused black wedges from Crocs. 

Goofing around :))

Nics' outfit of the day :))
Polo from Mint.
Shoes from Human. 

Gwapoooo :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 19: Jumpsuit Pajamas

I'm finally out of hiatus! :) Now for my first blog post for the year! 
I took my cue from Camille Co's outfit post of jumpsuit + heels + belt + denim vest :)

Here's my version of the look! 
It really is a must-have for any girl or any fashionista, to have a jumpsuit in her closet! Jumpsuits are a very good alternative to dresses for those who are not comfortable wearing them. Jumpsuits are very comfortable! I was like wearing pajamas all day! :) Also, they make you look instantly chic and put-together with less effort! This is a go-to look during lazy days :)

For the longest time, I have been looking for jumpsuits! And finally I saw this jumpsuit and I instantly loved it because of the eye-catching print and outburst of colors! :)
Jumpsuit from Ziya 

Since the jumpsuit has a tube top, I wore my denim vest over it because it is not allowed in school. Haha. 

Can you believe that I had this denim vest since I was in Grade 6? Haha. So it has been with me for 8 years now! It is really good to invest in classic and timeless pieces which can last for a very long time :)

Denim vest from BNY :)

Since jumpsuits can make you look bulky in the mid-section, just add a belt and cinch it at the waist to create an hourglass silhouette :)
Belt from Tomato

And to make me look taller, I wore my orange wedges from CLN :)