Tuesday, February 4, 2014

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 21: Red and Denim Hearts

This outfit is a lagged post! Haha. But for this outfit post,  I got my inspiration from Kristine Garduque's  outfit post I saw in candymag.com :) 

Denim is a very versatile piece that can be paired with practically anything! You can go all grunge or boyish, or girly and sweet. :) When I first saw this denim top, I immediately knew I had to get it! It has small hearts printed all over it! So me :) 
Denim polo from The Runway! :)

Since my top has hearts all over it, I paired it with a red skater skirt :) 

Skater skirt from bazaar :)

I also donned my pretty ballerina flats in the same bright red hue! :)
Red flats from Parisian :)

Nics' ootd :)

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