Tuesday, February 4, 2014

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 22: Blair Waldorf :)

For today's outfit, I got my inspiration from the very pretty Queen B, Blair Waldorf! I am definitely currently obsessed with her style right now :)

So here's my take on her look :) Yellow blouse + printed skirt with hints of yellow + orange shoes :)

Channeling Blair Waldorf will not be complete without wearing a headband! :)

The lace appliques on the yellow top adds to the sweetness and delicateness of the look :)
Yellow lace top from bazaar :)

To keep the look coordinated, the skirt also has the same yellow in its prints. :)
Skirt from Luscious Closet.

And again, my overused orange wedges from CLN :)

To add a more polished effect, I added my cobalt blue blazer to keep the look together and well-coordinated :)

And of course, the bag has to match with the color of my shoes! 

I totally love this outfit! :)

Orange bag from Primadonna :)

Here's what Nics' wore today :)

Wore his new Palladium boots today! :))

I'm totally in love with his new shoes! Astig :)

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