Thursday, February 6, 2014

30 Day Blogger Challenge Day 23: Black Equestrienne

For my outfit yesterday, I took my cue from Vern Enciso's outfit :) 
Black buttondown + black pants + tall boots 

Today is laboratory day, so we are required to wear pants, closed shoes, and no sleeveless tops. 
So, I went overboard! Haha. I wore longsleeves and tall boots instead! :)
This outfit reminds me of an equestrienne! In fact, everytime I wear these tall boots, I feel like one :)

Black silk buttondown with heart prints from Luscious Closet :)

Tall boots from Zara :)

Nics' ootd :)

Still rocking his new Palladium boots! :)) Still loving it too! :)

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