Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Going Nautical on a Rainy Day

When I plan for my look, I always check the weather forecast for the day to make sure that I dress accordingly. Of course, I don't want to be caught in the rain while wearing a new pair of suede booties right? It will definitely ruin it! Haha. And of course, you'd want to wear something warm when it rains. Heavy rain + airconditioned classroom = FREEZING COLD :))

When I checked the forecast for today, it says that the rain will come in the afternoon. Hence, I have to wear shoes that can get wet without ruining it. And, I have to wear something warm for the rain in the afternoon but also not too warm because it will not rain in the morning. This is the look that I have come up with:

 White and blue stripes plus red ALWAYS looks good together! This is one fool-proof and tested matching in fashion. It spells a very nautical vibe. Thus, I paired my blue and white striped long sleeves top with my red skater skirt.

Like to know a secret? This top is actually for MEN! Haha. I saw this in Uniqlo and I instantly fell in love with it! Too bad I can't find a top like this for women. Thus, I still bought the top just in the smallest size. Hehe. It still looks good anyway. ;)

I added gold accessories to accent my look, but I kept them to a minimum.

I then wore my red bow wedges. What I like best about them? They're made of plastic rubbery material! Perfect for the rain. No need to worry about them getting soaked even in the flood.

My outfit details:
top | Uniqlo (for men)
skater skirt | bazaar
bow wedges | Melissa 
belt | Cinderella
necklace | Bedazzle Accessories
watch | XOXO

And here's what my boyfie wore today. Artistahin sya no? HAHA.

Nics' outfit details:
top | bazaar
jeans | Mint
boots | Palladium Boots PH

Always remember to check the weather forecast when you plan your outfits. It really helps! It's practical and it saves you the regret of wearing your new shoes when the rain comes! :) Dressing up is not just about style. It also should be accompanied by practicality and making sure that you wear something appropriate for the current bipolar weather. :)

Until my next post!
Hope you can find your own PASSION FOR FASHION

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