Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Strawberries and Ripped Jeans

I have read somewhere (sorry I forgot where! haha) that one of the weirdest things we women do in the name of fashion is to pay much for tears and rips in our jeans! Haha. Which is quite true considering the fact that ripped boyfriend jeans are so much on trend now! :) 

I have always wanted to own a pair of ripped jeans but I never really got the chance to buy one because my mom really does not like it and the ripped jeans that I see are all to pricey! But now that I have one, I built my outfit around my new ripped boyfriend jeans. 

Love my look today! I got a lot of compliments today because of trying on a new style. Hehe. :)

New sunnies in the same red color! :)

I love the fit of these ripped jeans! It has always been difficult for me to buy jeans because it is hard to find one that fits my odd shape. Haha. But I'm so lucky that these jeans fit! I also love the high waist. I always tend to wear high-waisted pants to emphasize a tiny waist. Tucking in my shirt also helps! :)

Cuffing your ripped boyfriend jeans will add to the laid-back feel of the whole look :) I decided to wear my strawberry printed longsleeve top and my red bow wedges to add sweetness and polish to an otherwise rugged look of the jeans. 

strawberry top | bazaar
ripped bf jeans | from Hongkong (bazaar)
sunnies | Forever 21
red wedges | Melissa
necklace | Bedazzle
wristwatch | GUESS

Love what Nics wore today! :) He really loves his Siberian Husky, named Thunder, so much that he has a shirt with the head of a husky printed on it! hehe :)

Honestly, I really did not know if I will be able to carry these ripped jeans well. I was afraid to wear it out because it was something new that I never have tried before. But I kept my head high and just wore it with confidence, and voila! Everything turned out better than expected! Lesson: never be afraid to try something new even if outside of your comfort zone! :)

Until my next post!
Hope you find your own PASSION FOR FASHION

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