Thursday, October 9, 2014

How To Wear A White Shirt Part 4 : Ripped Jeans + White kitten heels + Specs

So here's the last part of the How To Wear A White Shirt series! For this 4th look, I aim for an effortlessly chic look. More like a model-off-duty look. :) Nerdy but rugged, but still chic and stylish! :)

Wear your plain white shirt with ripped boyfriend jeans + white kitten heels + specs :)

The ruggedness of the ripped jeans and the simplicity of the white shirt was set-off by the dainty white kitten heels :)

Wearing high-waisted jeans gives an illusion of longer legs and a smaller waist.

I have always wanted to own the perfect pair of kitten heels! Why? Because they're so dainty and it won't hurt your feet because of the low heel. Good thing I was able to find this heavenly white ankle-strap kitten heels from The Carrier Pigeon Project! One more good thing is that every purchase from TCPP is helping them send a kid to school. Talk about shopping for a good cause :)

outfit details:
white shirt | Uniqlo
ripped jeans | from Hongkong
spectacles | SM Dept. Store
white kitten heels | The Carrier Pigeon Project
wristwatch | GUESS

Credits to Gerard del Mundo Photography for all the beautiful photos. :)

And there we have it! My last take on the basic white shirt. Hope you all liked my first "How To" series. :)
Invest on a basic white shirt because it is a very timeless and versatile piece. 

Until my next post!
Hope you find your own PASSION FOR FASHION

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